Here are some comments made previously, this will be continually updated.


Name: ZZR Racer - Airdrie
Comment: Great idea, cannot wait for my trip, saves hours of m/way riding.

Name: Mark D. - Stirling
Comment: Wish I new about this last year, still have saddle sores!!!!

Name: Biker Boy - Keghley
Comment: Same as it ever was!! Tom, thanks again had a really great time, do BMW riders wave at the rider or do they wave at the bike ?? This may be the unanswerable question

Name: James Lewis - Dewshill
Comment: What a great idea I am planning to use this service in latet July/August. Amazing that it has taken so long for someone to come up with this idea. Can’t wait for the holidays - yeeeehaaaaa

Name: Osvaldo  - Valcamonica, Italy
Comment: Tomino, Good website. We need to bring to Italia the best Scotland pizza (Armandos in Lanark!!) ........... VITA DURA !! Happy Easter. Ossi

Name: John King - Lanarkshire
Comment: Hey there Tomino!!!!!!  Just checked yr website... Absolutely brilliant idea. Cheers. JK

Name: Giovanni Pierin - Italy
Comment: Great job ma freen ! Now lets organize transport for Italian bikers, so that my GSX R can travel across Scotland !

Name: Jarmo Tervo - Finland
Comment: Do you remember me ?? We met in Schio Italy, last year..... We made it back to Finland safely... You offered your car to us, thanks for your kindness. JT

Name: Paolo -  Bassano Italy
Comment: Great idea Tomino..... All your Bassano biker friends wait for you at the end of the ‘old bridge’.... for a ‘H & H’ !!!!!!

Name: Baff L - Badhu
Comment: Had a great trip, everything went very well.... so happy to see the staining on the decks of the trailer as like new !!!! Who was the painter ???

Name: Lerwick Boy
Comment: good photo's shame about the pink sign though!

Name: Marc Lebel - Val d’isere, France
Comment: Hi Tommy, its Marc the guy you met in Val d’isere last year - Hope you made it back to Scotland with all those ‘supercars’ ....Hope to see you again in this area. MB

Name: Giovanni Pierin - Italy
Comment: Hey ma man... mission accomplished with your leaflets... I left them in the bars on the road to Asiago... This weekend many bikers can look.... See ya.

Name: Cruiser Man - Newhouse
Comment: hi every body had a great time on my holiday.... so much more relaxed flying all the way there and back gives much more time on italy’s fantastic roads......... planning to go again this year, thanks again Mr. tomino

Name: JPL - Airdrie
Comment: Cannot wait to take my racing car on the truck...... I will be even faster on the track ............... Well done on the idea Tomino - JPL